Thursday, September 8, 2011

Orange drop, jeweled with Garnet and Amber

Burnt Keylime, glass and Garnet 

Bright Keylime, Garnet and Amber

The Beginning

So...I thought that I should tell you a little bit about my beginnings in jewelry making. I came from a very creative and artistic home. My father is an artist/sculpter. Since I was a child I have been drawing and creating things to make my life more beautiful.

I started making jewelry when I was a teenager and I have been trying different techniques and mediums to spice up my art. I began with shells and natural stones and since have searched for even more creative and unique ways to make my jewelry more exciting and fun.

While living in Mexico, I noticed that local artists would make jewelry out of beans, corn, and seeds. I thought that this was a great direction to head in. What was more exciting than food!? My imagination brought me to the process of drying and preserving citrus fruits. Since then I have continued to try even more types and fruit including: bananas, kiwis, star fruit, strawberries. and even tomatoes. Some of my attempts have failed, however through the process of trial and error I have discovered the perfect recipe of time and preservation that has allowed for a great long lasting end product.

In my first year of making fruit jewelry I gave most of my pieces away as gifts to friends and family. With my friends' and families' encouragement I decided to start selling. This quickly became a success when people realized how funky and unique my jewelry was. My friends were constantly asked where they got their jewelry and how it was made. This only gave me more fuel for my fire and passion for making unique works of art that would be available for others to enjoy.
Not having a degree in business nor the funds to open up a shop I have had to resort to finding more creative ways of getting my name out there....hence this blog. :)

Please feel free to contact me through e-mail, facebook, or phone. I also have jewelry parties upon request, do special orders and make custom peices. I will post upcoming events as well as some of my latest creations.

Amber Lee Elton
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